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The New 2015 Year with DF!
The discount of 50% when purchasing DF™ TopList Professional and 25% buying or leasing our other programs within 14 days (28.03-10.04). Merry cristmas and happy New Year!
The discount of 50% when purchasing DF™ TopList Professional and 15% buying our other programs.
The offer lasts till January, 14.
Ask for the New Year's discounts and gifts from a DF Santa (ICQ: 6777546).

We now accept Paxum!
Now you can pay for our products and services through the payment system Paxum. No additional fees.

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DF™ TopList Professional 3.02
  DF™ TopList Pro is a professional toplist (ranking system)
  • It have all possibilities of modern professional toplist: reset/no reset mode, count Hits In after Out Hits, "freezing" account in toplist, categories, random redirection from a selected sites amount and much more.
  • Modules: multiregistration of members (MultiAdd), accounts multiadministration (MultiMembers), toplists multiadministration (MultiAdmin), members sites monitoring (Site Monitor).
  • Toplist has a multilevel anti-cheat protection and traffic filtration system, which gives you a possibility to sieve low-quality traffic and increase the toplist output considerably.
  • Any kind of graphical statistics: traffic (Raw/Uniq/In/Out/Click/Proxy), referrer, by countries (GeoIP) and cheat statistics.
  • Low system requirements: not used MySQL, Perl, PHP. TopList completely written in C++.
  • Toplist can be installed above other toplists with preservation of members' database and entrance links.
  • There is free version - DF™ Toplist Lite.

  • DF™ Web-Traffic Shop 3.23
    System for purchase-sale of the web traffic by the various countries and the categories.
  • Division of the traffic into groups: by the countries and properties of the traffic (Uniq, Proxy, Cheat, SE Bots, Referrer, JavaScript, Cookie, Java, IE, Connection Type: lan/modem/unknown/All).
  • Multiple kinds of statistics: by the countries, by traffic types, traffic properties and the "cheated" traffic, Referrer (referring pages).
  • Cheat Protection, are applied different anticheat mechanisms to various browsers (it is used JavaScript, Cookie, JSEncode, unique sessions and etc).
  • There are administrative and member's zone.
  • There is free version.

  • New! DF™ Cheat Analyzer 2.16
    The system allows detecting traffic cheats and evaluating the traffic quality from multiple sources (traders).
  • The system accumulates and analyzes over 30 traffic parameters (Raw, Uniq, Load, NAProxy, AProxy, Cookie, JS, ActiveX, Frame, GeoIP...).
  • The system counts ALL traffic, no matter used whether or not execution of scripts or load of images in a browser.
  • The system is compatible with most CJ/TOP scripts and allows to analyze the traffic from different traders.
  • Available Trial version.

  • DF™ Site Monitor 2.14
    System for monitoring web sites. Download Trial version.
  • The system allows monitoring the availability of web sites and their content.
  • The system can be used autonomously or as a module for other systems.

  • DF™ Google PR and Alexa Checker
    This checker is meant for quick determining of the Google PageRank and Alexa Traffic Rank for a large number of sites without using toolbars.
  • Multithreaded PR/ATR checking for multiple URLs.
  • Desktop Windows-version (WinGUI) and server application. Available Trial version.
  • Can be used as a web service or as a console application on a server or a home PC.

  • DF™ TopList Lite 3.02 FREE
    DF™ TopList Lite - fast and reliable toplist created on the basis of DF™ TopList Pro with restriction of some functions.
  • Simple to install, no special server software required.
  • Detailed built-in help.
  • Detailed statistics (Raw,Uniq,In,Out,Proxy).
  • Traffic filters, uses proxy detector, has ability to count only unique visitors.
  • Advanced features of design editing and members' templates.
  • DF™ Toplist Lite - the perfect possibility for new webmasters to create your own toplist with great number of professional functions for free!

  • DF™ Perl Informer v1.61 FREE
    Free script for test of server and client.
  • Small Perl script, permitting to find out a lot of a useful information about the server and client.


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    DF™ TopList Pro (C++) can be installed over the other top-lists saving the databases and incoming links. Thus the possibilities of your top-list will be expanded and the server load will be reduced since Toplist is much faster than the analogous perl/php scripts. More info...


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